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Roping Off Rio

Roping Off Rio

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Cowboy Pastor Bob Prudler is a former cowpuncher with a mission. His cowboy church, Haven Rest Ranch at Silver Creek, Arizona, attracts ranchers and their families from all around extreme Southeast Arizona.

My husband and I were invited to attend a local rodeo where the church-going ranchers with Cowboy Pastor Bob practiced calf roping, a skill highly prized when the calves need branding and innoculations.

The historic Ten-X Ranch hosted the down home rodeo.

That day, Cowboy Pastor Bob proclaimed that the Savior would return, but this time not on a donkey, but on a big white horse, roping sinners along the way. I thought of this vision as I painted Cowboy Pastor Bob astride his own big white horse, Rio, rope in hand.

8 x 12 Giclee Print on Rag Paper starts at $99.00.
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