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Hat Pins B

Hat Pins B

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These hat pins are sold by the piece. Five inches in length. Colors are listed from left to right. The web site will charge you $9.95 for shipping, but we will manually adjust the shipping cost to actual cost when the order is processed. We will ship by US Postal Service.

Colors are listed as shown in picture from left to right. When choosing Color in drop-down menu, simply choose the name corresponding to the description.

Flower - Far left - Faux diamonds flower.

Pearl Tear - 2nd fm left - 3 teardrop pearls.

Pearl/Silver - 3rd fm left - 1 teardrop pearl.

Red/Silver - 3rd fm right - 2 red round beads, 3 silver/gold color beads.

Gold - 2nd fm right - 3 round textured gold color beads.

Pearl/Gold - Far right - 2 round pearls with 3 small gold color beads.
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