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Bailey Riff Soft Wool Felt Fedora

Bailey Riff Soft Wool Felt Fedora

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From Bailey of Hollywood's LiteFelt collection, this top quality hat is made from fine polished wool to give it a soft texture. It features a two-inch brim and a center dent crown. This hat is water repellent and shape retentive. Includes a grosgrain hat band with bow and comfort sweatband. Lined. Made in the USA. Usually in stock.

Material: 100% wool.

Crown: Center dent.

Brim: 2-inch.

Water repellent.

Shape retentive.

Grosgrain hat band with bow.

Comfort sweatband.


Colors: Charcoal Mix, Black, Moonlight, Cobalt, Bruise Mix, Hemlock, Walnut, Cognac.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Made in the USA.
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