The Perfect Hat For Your Holiday Party

With fall in full swing and winter on its way, many people are looking forward to the fun and merriment that the holiday season will bring. One of the highlights of this season is the parties. Whether you are planning to attend your company’s Christmas event, a cookie exchange with a few friends, an outdoor event around a bonfire or a major New Year’s Eve holiday shindig, you know you want to look your best and feel comfortable. While you may put a lot of effort into choosing the right dress or the perfect holiday tie, do not forget to accessorize. An attractive hat can be the perfect way to top off your holiday outfit. Check out a few of our top choices for the season here at Az-Tex Hats.

  • A Red Fedora - There is no better way to enter a party in style than with a fedora—except maybe with a red fedora! Is there any hat that is more fun, stylish and holiday appropriate? A Fedora looks at home at a hot NYE party or a quiet gathering of friends. Check out all of the options and don’t discount the holiday-appropriateness of a nice red hat!

  • Church Hats – Not every party is a wild party. Browse our selection of church-appropriate hats for the ideal holiday hat for the season. You may be amazed by our selection and you are sure to find one that speaks to you. Think about how heads will turn when you walk into an event with one of these attractive hats!

  • The Stetson – A cowboy hat at a holiday party? Who would have thought! However, with country music hotter than ever, these hats have become the ultimate fashion accessory any time of the year. With more variations and styles than ever, The Stetson is sure to be a hit when you where it to nearly any get together.

  • Trappers and Bombers – While a trapper-style hat might not be appropriate for a formal gathering, what about wearing one of these warm, yet fashionable hats for a bonfire or when you go looking at Christmas lights with friends? You’ll love the warmth, and you’ll really love the compliments!

  • A Holiday Fun Hat – Sometimes your holiday event requires something a little less serious and a little more fun. We carry a selection of fun holiday hats that are sure to get your party started in a fun way. Want to wear a turkey on your head for Thanksgiving or wear the mistletoe for the big holiday party? We have a hat for you. Just remember, you can never go wrong with Santa.

As you can see, the right hat can make all of the difference how you look when you enter any get-together this holiday season. These options are just a few of the hats we currently have available at Az-Tex Hats. Come check out our website and find the ideal hat for your party or figure out which ones you want to add to your holiday wish list!

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First of all, I am very impressed by its quality, shape and size! I was very concerned with it fitting and it fits perfectly. Thank you! I'm not a big review guy but I wanted to share my experience with you. Thanks again for the awesome service!

Jamie Martin

The hat arrived yesterday and my husband is so happy to have it back. You did an excellent job with the restoration. Thank you so much.


I just received my old hat which you made almost like new. The lining is perfect and you didn’t spoil the hats character. I’ve had this hat for 30 years and you have made it so beautiful; I’ll have it for a good time more! Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you all! Keep looking up.