Fedora Hats

The word fedora comes from the title of a play written in 1882 and was a female fashion item before men started wearing fedoras. The play was called "Fedora" and starred Sarah Bernhardt as Princess Fedora wearing a hat similar to a fedora. Around 1919 the fedora came into style as a man's fashion accessory and soon after everyone from gangsters to detectives to Hollywood movie actors could be seen wearing all styles of fedoras. Can you remember the bright yellow fedora Dick Tracy wore! President Kennedy is widely recognized as the most famous person contributing to the demise of the fedora---but everyone knows styles come and go.

Today the fedora has regained popularity and is considered a necessary fashion item for the most stylish and best dressed man. Az-Tex Hats offers the widest variety of fedora hats in all styles and materials. Whether you're looking for a fur felt fedora, a crushable wool felt fedora or a a stiffer wool felt fedora hats, it can be found here.
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First of all, I am very impressed by its quality, shape and size! I was very concerned with it fitting and it fits perfectly. Thank you! I'm not a big review guy but I wanted to share my experience with you. Thanks again for the awesome service!

Jamie Martin

The hat arrived yesterday and my husband is so happy to have it back. You did an excellent job with the restoration. Thank you so much.


I just received my old hat which you made almost like new. The lining is perfect and you didn’t spoil the hats character. I’ve had this hat for 30 years and you have made it so beautiful; I’ll have it for a good time more! Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you all! Keep looking up.