AzTex Custom Cowboy Movie Hats


AzTex Hats is a renowned, full-service hat business specializing in custom-made cowboy hats. With 30 years of experience, our hatters design and create beautiful cowboy hats. Nothing symbolizes a cowboy as much as his hat. A cowboy’s hat was his trademark in the Old West.

We recognize many of our favorite western heroes by their custom-made cowboy hats. In today’s world, it’s a treat to order your own custom-made cowboy hat. The hat of your dreams can be custom made for you from an old photo or copied from a movie.

If you already know the color and style you like, that’s great! If you need help deciding, that’s what we are here for. We are experts in helping you choose style and color depending upon how you will use the hat and where you live. Your height and size are important too. Then there’s the hat band, which often reflects the personality of the wearer. The hat band can be simple and conservative or flashy and colorful.

The quality of the felt is another important consideration. A custom made hat is made from a blend of furs and is rated by X’s. The more X’s, the more precious the fur is that is used in the blend.

A higher quality hat will withstand more abuse and can be worn in the rain without losing its shape. When you remove your wet hat, set it upside down and let it dry naturally. The next day, simply brush the hat off and it will look as good as new.

With proper care, your custom-made cowboy hat will last for many years. It’s not uncommon for us to see hats 20, 30 or even 50 years old!

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First of all, I am very impressed by its quality, shape and size! I was very concerned with it fitting and it fits perfectly. Thank you! I'm not a big review guy but I wanted to share my experience with you. Thanks again for the awesome service!

Jamie Martin

The hat arrived yesterday and my husband is so happy to have it back. You did an excellent job with the restoration. Thank you so much.


I just received my old hat which you made almost like new. The lining is perfect and you didn’t spoil the hats character. I’ve had this hat for 30 years and you have made it so beautiful; I’ll have it for a good time more! Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you all! Keep looking up.